"But Mom, it was an accident..."

While I was at work, my kids were playing ball in the house (after I told them not to!). They accidentally hit the window.  Without Protect The Apartment, I would be left trying to pay the balance of what Renter's Insurance did not pay.  No more ball inside the apartment!

Look what happened in Jill's Apartment...

"We just ran to the grocery store when..."

My husband and I ran to the grocery store and left our teen son at home.  He decided to wash his football uniform and somehow, we came back to a flooded apartment.  Not only our apartment, but 2 of our neighbor's apartments were also flooded. While my Renter's Insurance policy covered most of the accidental damage caused, there was a large amount left for us to pay.  Thankfully, we signed up for Protect The Apartment, which covered what the Renter's Insurance company did not pay.